Tarot for Dream Interpretation

I don't use Tarot for divination. Well, hardly ever. I can set an intention and present a question to my deck and expect a perfectly accurate prediction on what the coming day, week, or year may hold. We all know that we can repeat the same process the following day and the results may be quite similar, but we are not likely to have an identical reading. Also, depending on how we word the question or reframe our intention, the reading may be 100% different, which is the beauty of the fluidity of Tarot. Remarkable, yes. Interesting, yes. Helpful? Not always. I'm more interested in personal growth than in knowing the future. If you know yourself and are aligned with God within, what more do you need to know?...You know? So, unpopular or disappointing as this may be, I confess that I use Tarot primarily for dream interpretation in order to experience wholeness within my own psyche. And, as of a year ago, I have also begun to use Tarot to interpret my "waking dreams", recurring scenarios and patterns which are asking for acknowledgment (or Dreams IRL, as I call them.)

At this point in 2020, staying aware of the astrological weather is important, for sure. Updating oneself on energetic forecasts, the Schumann's resonance, and the severing of 3d and 5d dimensional fields are noteworthy. But I do think that giving all of this things my attention is a slippery slope leading towards obsession and cyclical thinking. The predominant messages I am confronted with on social media leave me feeling shaken, stirred and unsettled. I want to feel rooted in faith and less like a Bond martini. Read on if you are interested in learning how I use Tarot for growth and personal wholeness, rather than for omniscience and ego-stabilization.

How I Use Tarot to Interpret my Dreams

1) Record the Dream, noting both Moon phase and sign of the Moon

For clarity I will share a recent dream (which I analyzed, per ususal, according to the method of Robert A Johnson.)

New Moon in Libra

I dreamed I was looking out over a large green field and saw 3 young Sawyers (my 8 year old special-needs son) cutting 3 different paths through it. He was lost.  I was able to get one little Sawyer's attention and tell him to go home.  I watched him turn around and head back to his house and I followed. I reached his house at the end of a cul de sac and a huge black She-Wolf was standing there. She charged at me.  I knew she was dangerous and wild, but I was experienced and knew how to work with her.  She became a companion and we were seen together by other women, both in the woods and around town.  On the street a woman asked if I was going to keep her and I thought it was a strange question.  It wasn't my choice. She didn't belong to anyone.  But part of me was afraid of losing her. If I didn't claim her, would someone else?

The dream is multi-layered, but for the sake of brevity, I will analyze it from a inner-psyche perspective, rather than that of the Collective or my 3d reality.

So first we begin with the core elements of the dream:

1) the Green field

2) the Lost sons

3) Higher perspective and redirection

4) Returning home

5) The guardian wild woman

6) Surrender and non attachment

Next, I assign personal and general associations to each element:

1) Green field: My personal association is a place of rest and refreshment after a long hike along the Cascade Head Trail in Oregon from my childhood. My general association is the heart chakra, abundance, health and wellness, and expansiveness. This is a wonderful setting for a dream.

2) Lost sons: The lost son is the wayward Masculine energy that has lost direction, focus, and the ability to take action. At first this may feel negative, but because I have a special needs son I read this differently. My son hears his own drum and marches to his own beat. He has never met developmental milestones "on time". He is delayed. He is also the strongest force I have ever encountered. Undeterred by societal expectations. Uninhibited by his own different-ness. If the son in lost in the dream, it's because I've failed to trust his Divine Design. How can I apply this to my own Masculine energy, hellbent on getting this right and being socially acceptable and admired in the process?

3) Returning Home- I make a decision to focus on one wayward masculine energy and gently redirect it toward the home of my heart. There is only one way in and one way out ( a cul de sac). There is comfort in this homecoming.

4) Wild Woman/She Wolf- My wildish nature is the guardian of this home. She is the one who cannot be tamed and who honors her natural connection to all thing swild and instinctive that live within Woman. Do you remember when you first discovered that you ran with Wolves? Do you remember this as less of a new discovery and more of a recognition? The wild woman is the Way-Shower and the reminder of our inner-most Magic and Power, however....

5) Surrender and Nonattachment-- If we think we can own Her and Claim Her and Label Her and Fence Her in.... We will lose her. She will dissolve. She will lose all meaning, all wildness. How do we follow our own wildness and instincts and intuition without clinging? Without saying I AM this, I BELIEVE that, therefore I am enlightened, entitled,  or whatever label makes our ego feel the coziest and safest?

This is, of course, the briefest of interpretations and worthy of much more exploration. However, we need to get to the Tarot component of this analysis. So, now I do my reading, using the same layout I almost always do with 5 cards

1) Recent past

2) Present

3) Lesson Presented

4) Energy for Integration

5) Outcome

I shuffle my deck with the intention of drawing the most accurate cards to reflect the meaning of the dream, so I may fully integrate its message. I draw:

1) 4 of Cups

2) Hierophant, reversed

3) The Devil

4) 10 of Cups

5) The Chariot

Finally, here is how I interpret my reading as it relates and merges with my Dream from above:

1) I've recently spent time in introspection and reflection on a time of grief and confusion. It turns out that his time of directionless-ness occurred in a place of Love and Wholeness all along (lost boys in a green field.) 

2) Tradition and the Divine Masculine have served me well, but currently this comforting Teacher has been turned on his head and I've been forced to look at Old patterns in New Ways. It's worth noting that Taurus is represented by the Hierophant, and that Uranus (the Revolutionary) is plowing its way through Taurus for the next 5 years. 

3) The Devil is the lesson I'm facing. (The Devil is Capricorn-- enter the much talked about conjunction between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn which introduced us to the year 2020. I'm not an astrologer, so take the time to read about this conjunction yourself, if you haven't) Anyway, the card is confirmation that there is still work to do as the Old World Order topples both within and without. What is happening externally now is a reflection of what is happening within me/us. So I have to keep asking myself the hard questions: What old constructs and supports are falling away within me? How can I continue to release my control so the work my be done effectively? Where am I clinging to outdated ideas of security and safety? And so on. And so on. And So On, for the love of God.

4) I integrate my lesson over time with the loving assurance of the 10 of cups, reminding me that the Universe encircles me with supportive love. That I will come full circle. That my soul will level up and experience Union on a higher scale. That by accepting my place within the planet will yield a New Way of co-existing, a New Way of relating. World Peace is not a myth, it is a collective mindset. (The Devil loves competition. The 10 of Cups dissolves it.)

5) Outcome- The Chariot blesses me, bringing me back to the energy of the She Wolf who guides me on this journey. This is how I harness her energy without owning her. This is how I relate to her, and thus my own Wildness, without needing to control Her. My instincts and intuition pull me forward and I stay firmly in the driver's seat, protected by the Divine hands of the Goddess.  A perfect trine of co-creation and inspiration. (Further note: The Chariot represents Cancer, which is my sun sign.)


So, there you have it. Tarot and dreamwork are powerful companions, giving illustration and tangibility to the symbology of the Subconscious realms. At the end of the day (or the beginning) what I want is alignment with the presence of God within, not control, not foresight. In this way Life happens for me, not to me, and I am able to face each day with the confidence of my place in the world, under the guidance of the Divine. And so it is!













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