Ember + Aura

Ember and Aura Tarot

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Ember + Aura Tarot is a 78 card deck created by Jamie Fairlight Richardson, a Christian Mystic and Shamanic Healing Practitioner. With a softness that belies its immense energy, this deck is infused with the love of the Divine Feminine. Subtle tones of Christian Mysticism and an undercurrent of Magdalene energy make this deck a perfect bridge into divination for those who may find traditional Tarot decks too severe or intimidating. 

Ideal for beginning and advanced readers, the rich imagery of this luxe 3.5 x 5"  deck is designed to connect everyone to our highest selves. (Guidebook included in price.)

" Dear Seeker,

     I wanted this deck to fully express my love of the feminine spirit, both Divine and human. Each image is a work of art, created with my highest care and intentions. I love the medium of watercolor for its softness and fluidity. When water meets pigment, the result is often beautifully unexpected. So it is with the reader and Spirit. I have long used sacred imagery in my spiritual practice, and believe that Tarot is a powerful means of reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine. I am also a Reiki worker, thus each hand painted illustration is infused with the healing flow of Spirit. It is my deepest wish that everyone who feels the call to become closer to their Divine Source may turn to this deck for clarity and guidance.


Jamie Fairlight Richardson"