About Me

I am an artist and writer, a special needs Mom and small business owner. I am a Believer who journeyed far into mysticism, shamanism, divination, and the New Age in order to find a God whom I thought eluded me. The relentless Love of God pursued me through all of my journeying, until I eventually came full circle into the mystery of Grace. I am not a religious scholar; I am not a licensed counselor; I am not a priest. I am a former wanderer who reawakened to the ever present love and protection of God and gathers weekly to discuss and share that experience. I believe that Christianity was meant to be experienced holistically-- in the Church, in nature, in gatherings, in solitude, in action, in rest, in voice, in silence, and everything in between. Join me as we learn to realign with the heart of God and let go of everything else.