Devan Graham

Handcrafted Mala by Denver Healing artist Devan Graham

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In the words of the artist:

This mala has been created to amplify your intuitive gifts and assist you in your awakening process.

Pink Amethyst- This powerful Stone is connected to your heart, third eye, and crown chakra and evokes feelings of serenity And healing love. Using this stone increases your ability to receive soul aligned guidance and expands your intuition.

Milky agate- Milky agate helps to ground you down while bringing mental clarity. This stone enhances your focus and helps you stay mentally calm and secure.

Blue Chalcedony-This soothing stone helps to soften the auric field and increases your ability to communicate with your spirit guides. Blue chalcedony absorbs negative energies and helps balances your entire mind, body and soul.

Ametrine- this gorgeous and powerful stone is a combination of amethyst and citrine. Ametrine is known to enhance the users meditation practice by connecting you to your highest self. This stone enhances your ability to flow easily through transition and amplifies your creativity in the process.